“Two Thirds Dead”

I had a day of realisation last week. I was listening to the radio and they were discussing some Z-List celebrity, who they reckoned was having a mid-life crisis. The man in question was 32 years-old. The second reference to a mid-life crisis was about someone who they assessed as being right in the bracket. The man in question was 35 years-old.

The premis was that as the average life expectancy was about 60-80, then a mid-life was about 30-40 years old.

Now I’m still waiting for my mid-life crisis, which is good and bad news. As I’m 47 years-old, then if I haven’t had a mid-life, then I should live to be at least 82. the bad news is athat I might have missed out.

But more worryingly, is that if I take 70 as the mid-range, then at 47 – I’m TWO THIRDS DEAD !!!!!

Even stranger, is the fact that I’m about to become a Dad again. So I might not be having a mid-life crisis, just going for a full blown fantasticly major life-changing experience. I’ll be blogging all about the trials and tribulations of ‘The Journey’. Feel welcome to join me, help & advice always welcome.


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