“Shifting Sands 1”

I’ve just been on holiday in Cornwall. On the beach every day building sandcastles, which for a project manager is a complete nightmare.
Why? Because my little daughter has no concept of the rigour required of Project Management. She is the most unreasonable client I have ever worked for.

We had an initial mandate of “I want to build a sandcastle”, which rapidly went off track.
“Bigger” – Scope creep
“Move it over there” – requirements change
“Help me” – additional resource
“How about a flag on top?” – not initially in the budget !!
“Let’s decorate it with sea-weed and shells” – way off-spec

OK, I’m used to working in this sort of high-pressure environment and re-planning accordingly, but the final request was even too much for me. “Daddy, can you stop the sea coming in please?”
Even on Day 5 I hadn’t managed this and the sandcastle was swept away again.
Anyway, we spent the contingency budget on ice-cream and a little windmill, which seemed to please everyone.

So what lessons have I learned:

Holidays are great
Sandcastles are fun
You can’t stop the tide
If it’s all gone horribly wrong, eat ice-cream

Have a Great Week


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